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Dr. Marty Nature's Blend Reviews

Find out why people love Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend. Below, you’ll find real customers with real Nature's Blend reviews.
Kandi Tripi, . . on 01-08-2023
2 Goldens who wolf it down!

I have 2 goldens 13 / 2 yrs old who lolly gag when eating. I started giving Natures Blend and just pick up the bag where they hear the crinkling noise and no matter where they are come running to get it. They literally wolf it down! It is a bit costly so can only afford it as a topper on their food. Will buy again especially when on sale!

Choice Bell, . . on 01-07-2023

Our Mr Davy is shih tzu and pomeranian mix and since he was just 8 weeks old he had digestive problems for a while. And we came across this food. He loves it!!refuses to eat anything else. He is now a healthy 4 year old. This food is awesome. Thank you Dr Marty.

Kerrie, . . on 01-05-2023
Great dog food

Our dog is very fussy when it comes to food I tried everything until I found Dr Marty dog food amazing healthy and all around good dog food made with TLC thank you

Georgena Izzard, . . on 01-04-2023

Love it

Barbara, . . on 01-03-2023
A Heappy Dog

Healthy and happy describe Bindu who has been on Dr Marty’s food and supplements since he was 2 months old. He is 3 years old, very spry, energetic, and very healthy! We attribute this to Dr. Marty’s food, which he loves! And it’s delivered to our doorstep!

Suzy, . . on 01-02-2023
Best present ever!!

A friend gave me a bag for my dog for Christmas. My dog is such a picky eater, but this she loves this food. I am sold on it and will order my own now.

Rhane Thomas, . . on 01-02-2023
A great food topper

My Great Dane loves it, both as training treats and as a food topper. It's a bit too pricey for me to feed Dr. Marty exclusively, but mixed with quality kibble, it keeps my dog happy, healthy and looking great.

Ahuva Shapiro, . . on 12-31-2022
All dog owners should have this

my dog loves(and she is a picky eater)this food and eats it all up which is great she is energetic and really her true self she is young and she is a pretty healthy dog so I didn’t see such an improvement because there was non to be done but I still thought it will be great for the future!!!really recommend!!

Jarelieze Contreras, . . on 12-30-2022

"I was extremely surprised that my dog liked this food! He usually hates trying new food but he really enjoyed this. Will be buying a lot more once he runs out. (my dog is a 12lbs chihuahua pug)"

Ron, . . on 12-26-2022
Missing Dr. Marty

My Bichon loved Dr. Marty. I recently moved to Shanghai and I can't get it here. My puppy is looking forward to her return to the US where she can get her favorite dog food.

Maria Domaceti, . . on 12-26-2022
My dog loves this food

My dog is very picky eater and loves this food

Maeta Emmons, . . on 12-25-2022
Nice as a supplement to my dog food and as a treat

I think this is a really good product - have used it for 3 or 4 years. I have two small dogs.

Steve Fouts, . . on 12-25-2022
Dr. Marty dog food

My dog loves Dr. Marty! He can’t eat it fast enough!

Sheryl Williams-Webb, . . on 12-24-2022
Not So Picky After-all

My babies are extremely picky eaters. So, I was skeptical about investing in Dr. Marty's Natural Blend, but to my surprise they were drawn to Natural Blend from the moment I opened the bag. I was blown away by their response to the new food, they love it. I only ordered a single bag because I didn't think they would eat it, that bag is gone in less than a month. Dr. Marty's is well worth the investment...You love your fur babies like family, then you should feed them like family!

Orli The Mini Diva, . . on 12-23-2022
Very good food.

My miniature dachshund puppy went on a hunger strike and refused to eat her kibble. I transitioned her to Dr. Marty’s. I did not finish the transition because she would eat around and leave the kibble. Her coat was always soft, but now it is uber-soft. She gets excited for the food and literally dances in circles when I bring it out. It’s expensive, but my dog means the world to me.

Ann, . . on 12-23-2022

My 3 year old Malti Poo jumps high in excitement every single time I mix the water into her freeze dried Dr. Marty food. She gobbles it down in seconds ( wish I could slow her down as she surely has no reason to think it would be taken away from her )

Elle, . . on 12-23-2022
Good Poop

Our small rescues were having bad poops and seemed to struggle. With a small handful of the Dr. Marty's Nature Blend their stomach issues became normal tootsie rolls again and they were more spry.

George Wallace, . . on 12-22-2022
Makes my rottie HAPPY & shiny

My boy Tooz is almost 6yr old German Rottweiler and he loves your food & his coat is so shiny that black in the sun is gorgeous he's been eating ur food since he was 18mo to 2 yrs old can't remember but I know at 2 he was eating

Patrick Strange, . . on 12-21-2022
4 yorkies

Our dogs appeared to be picky eaters with other dog foods. Now, they hear me getting it ready and they are all sitting around waiting to eat!. They are cleaning out the bowls!

Betsy Suddaby, Los Angeles CA on 12-20-2022

Was talking with my young friend who happens, with her husband, to be a dog trainer in CO, about my dogs picky eating habits and she told me to get a dog food that has Real Meat in it. After looking at many, I chose Dr Marty’s Nature’s Blend and WOW did my dog ever love it! I wondered what my friend would say since she didn’t even give me a name of a dog food and I was running low on it, so I called her to ask if it was ok and she said it was a great choice! Was so glad to get that response from her and the wonderful response from my dog! (PS I”m 93 and a half years old!)

Dottie Heckman, . . on 12-20-2022
Chloe loves it!

Thought it was expensive, however, with my picky eater I am now sold on it.

Nathaniel Hawkins Jr, . . on 12-20-2022
Dr. Marty is Genius

This is the best food my dog has ever eaten! We went from Blue Buffalo to Nutri Source Trout and Lamb--her favorite, but after eating Nature's Blend, she doesn't like the Nutri Source food any longer. Her bowl movements are less frequent and she appears happier. This food is so good to her, I've been tempted to try some myself!

Steve Curry, . . on 12-17-2022
Good food

My dog loves it

Sherry Condit, . . on 12-16-2022
Excellent ingredients!

"My dog loves it! I love the ingredients! I feel this is a very healthy choice for my dog. I’ve been using as a topper."

Savoi Ragsdale, . . on 12-15-2022
Thanks Dr Marty for Prince's fave!

Prince is finicky. Was using as a topper. Re-listened Dr Marty again. Reminded why I went with Dr Marty, anyway. Threw out huge half bag Blue Buffalo and going all in. Prince's health is priority! He LOVES it!

Christine Seiden, . . on 12-14-2022

Fabulous! My Winston, 6 years old, is pretty fussy about his food and especially "treats". I've introduced him to your blend, as suggested. He cleans his bowl, every time! Magic, is all I can say!

Jodi Williams, . . on 12-13-2022
The only food our Pups will eat!

We have tried everything with our pups and finally tried Dr. Martys essential wellness food & they both clean their bowl every time! Finally!

Shelley Bowen, . . on 12-12-2022
My GSD is flourishing!

My 100 lb German Shepherd is doing great at 7 years old on Dr. Marty! Her coat is so shiny black; people have noticed!!

Scooby, . . on 12-12-2022
Scoobys Food

He loves it so much that he starts whining before I can get it made.

Melinda Baldridge, . . on 12-09-2022
Nature's Blend

Its the best dog food ever! This is something I've been looking for & my dogs love it!! They've never responded to any dog food like your freeze dried dog food blend.

Brittny Mient, . . on 12-08-2022
I love this food and so do my dogs!!!

I love this food and so do my dogs. I just have to figure out how many bags do I have so we don’t run out. I bought 3 bags just to try it with my 2 dogs, they loved it so I went up to 6 bags, but I’m running out almost 2 weeks earlier than excepted. Customer service is awesome too!

Stephanie, . . on 12-08-2022

Murphy & Morgan love it!!

Lesley Anderson, . . on 12-08-2022
She loves it!!!

I thought she'd turn her nose up on this kibble-100% glad I was

Barbara Castellano, . . on 12-08-2022
My dogs love it

My dogs love the taste and eat it all and want more. Sometimes I mix the food with some other food. They will pick Dr Marty’s food out and leave the rest there.

Carolyn....., . . on 12-06-2022

Let me start off with Thank you Dr Marty for all you do and for sharing this with the world all this time the dog food that I have been feeding Chanel and other dogs I had wasn't good for them these company advertise that they are making products that's safe and good but there not I'm so glad I came across your video my Chanel loves it I wasn't sure if she would eat it because she is very picky and I thought she would be use to what I been feeding the dog food I was giving her she would walk away nibbling on it & it would take her a minute to eat it all....not with Nature Blend she stood at the bowl & didn't move until it was all gone she even licked the bowl for more lol so had to leave a review...I will be a customer for as long as your company is here.

Colleen Testerman, . . on 12-05-2022

It’s wonderful my beagle loves it

Michael Montano, . . on 12-05-2022

My dogs love it and it has all essential vitamins and minerals that dogs need to live a healthy and happy life

Eva Deck, . . on 12-04-2022
Beavis Approved !

Uhhh, Beavis loves Dr. Marty's ! He's a fan, and he gets what he wants!

Wendy J Summerville, . . on 12-04-2022
Dogs love it

I have 5 small dogs aging from 3-14 years old. My older dogs are picky but not quit as picky as my smaller ones. My one dog who is almost 4 years old is the pickiest dog I have ever had. She absolutely loves this food. She eats it right down instead of walking away from it and picking every few minutes.

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What Is Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend?

Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend –– Essential Wellness is a premium freeze-dried raw dog food designed to help support your dog’s playful energy, balanced digestion, healthy skin, active mobility, and full, happy life.*

As a veterinarian of over 45 years, I want your dog to thrive. That’s why each 16 oz. bag of Nature’s Blend contains only real food – an optimal mix of high-quality meats, vegetables, fruit, and seeds. We do NOT use artificial preservatives, fillers, or synthetic ingredients.

In Nature’s Blend reviews, many dog parents have repeatedly reported renewed energy in dogs of all ages. Others note their picky eaters are now excited about mealtime. Many dog parents also find their pups experience easier digestion.1*

What Are The Key Ingredients In Nature’s Blend –– Essential Wellness?

The powerful natural ingredients you’ll find in Nature’s Blend –– Essential Wellness are:

Turkey, Beef, Salmon, Duck, Beef Liver, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Flaxseed, Sweet Potato, Egg, Pea Flour, Apple, Blueberry, Carrot, Cranberry, Pumpkin Seed, Spinach, Dried Kelp, Ginger, Salt, Sunflower Seed, Broccoli, Kale, and Mixed Tocopherols (natural preservative).

Why Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Many commercial dog food companies tend to cook their food at high temperatures which can destroy many of the nutrients inside.2 Instead, we gently freeze-dry Nature’s Blend to help protect the nutrients your dog needs to flourish, while also locking in the delicious flavors of our high-quality, real meats.

Our premium freeze-dried raw food stays fresh in the pantry, and is lightweight for travel – which many dog parents praise in Nature’s Blend reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Dr. Marty?

Dr. Marty Goldstein has been a leading voice in integrative veterinary medicine for more than 45 years. He’s the bestselling author of The Nature of Animal Healing and The Spirit of Animal Healing and has appeared on such national television programs as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and Good Morning America. He has been called a “Miracle Worker” by Forbes Magazine.3

How Do I Serve Nature's Blend — Essential Wellness To My Dog?

There are two ways you can serve Nature’s Blend to your dog. You can serve it straight from the bag, dry. Or, if your dog prefers wet food, combine 2 parts Nature’s Blend with 1 part water, let it sit for 3 minutes, mix, then serve. It’s that easy!

Does Every Dog Breed Need A Different Dog Food?

No. Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend has been designed to help dogs of all breeds live a healthy, and happy life.*

What If It Doesn’t Work For My Dog? Is There A Guarantee?

Yes, I take canine nutrition very seriously. If you don’t see a noticeable improvement in your dog’s health and happiness, just send back the unused portion of Nature’s Blend (or an empty bag) within 90 days, and I’ll happily return your purchase price, no questions asked (minus shipping).

*All dogs are unique. Your dog’s results can and will vary.