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Flaxseed for Dogs: Unveiling the Benefits for Skin, Coat, and Health

Dr. Marty Pets Team
5th April 2024
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Unlocking the Power of Flaxseed for Your Canine Companion

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The Scoop on Flaxseed: What Is It Exactly?

Flaxseed, also known as linseed, comes from the flax plant, a fiber crop that’s been cultivated for thousands of years. Flax has long been used for textiles, and in more recent times, it’s been discovered that its seeds are a nutritional goldmine of omega fatty acids and dietary fiber.1

They may be tiny, but flaxseeds pack a big punch of potential health benefits for your furry friend. Let’s take a closer look at flaxseed’s potential benefits, how to incorporate it into your dog’s diet, and more.

Flaxseed For Pooches: A Treasure Trove of Potential Benefits

1. It Can Be Great for Digestion

When you sprinkle ground flaxseed into your dog's bowl, you're helping to support your pup’s digestive system.

Flaxseed's high fiber content acts as a regulator for the digestive tract, promoting healthy bowel movements. Thanks to the soluble fiber that it contains, flaxseed may help to slow down digestion, allowing for better nutrient absorption. The insoluble fiber in flaxseed adds bulk to your dog’s stool, and it may help promote regular, healthy bowel movements.2,3

By maintaining this balance in their digestive system, your canine companion can embrace a happier tummy.

Key Points:

  • May help ease tummy troubles.
  • High in dietary fiber for digestive health.
  • Contains both soluble and insoluble fiber for nutrient absorption and regular bowel movements.

2. It Can Help Support Strong Bones and Flexible Joints

Flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are renowned for their positive effects on joint health. 4 But that's not all — flaxseed also contains key minerals, such as copper and phosphorus, which help support and maintain the integrity of adult dog's bones.5,6

Key Points:

  • Aid in joint discomfort.
  • Helps support overall mobility in dogs of all ages.
  • Offers a natural, holistic approach to joint health.

3. It Can Help Strengthen the Immune System

Flaxseeds are naturally full of antioxidants that act like your dog's personal bodyguards, shielding their cells from the attacks of damaging free radicals.7,8

Flaxseed is especially high in antioxidant-rich lignans. These polyphenols not only assist the body in battling free radicals, but they may also help support cardiovascular and overall health.9

All in all, flaxseed has been shown to help support your dog’s immune system — which is a key part of helping them experience a healthy, happy, full life.

Key Points:

  • Helps protect cells from oxidative stress and damage.
  • Helps promote heart health.
  • Helps support overall cellular function for a more robust immune system.

Sprinkling Goodness: How to Incorporate Flaxseed into Your Dog’s Diet

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Before Sharing With Your Pooch: Best Practices

Before you begin incorporating flaxseed into your dog's diet, you’ll want to consult with your veterinarian. They understand your dog's unique health profile and can offer personalized advice on dietary changes.

Next, you should consider the form of flaxseed you’re giving your dog. Ground flaxseed is typically recommended over whole seeds for easier digestion and better nutrient absorption.10

Finally, storing flaxseed properly is key to preventing it from going rancid due to its high oil content. You’ll want to store it in an airtight container, ideally in the refrigerator.11

Quick Checklist Before Serving Flaxseed:

  • Get a thumbs-up from your vet.
  • Choose ground flaxseed, or grind it yourself.
  • Store in a cool, dark place; refrigeration is best.
  • Introduce flaxseed gradually to your dog's diet.
  • Monitor your dog for any adverse reactions.

Add Flaxseed to Your Dog's Food: Simple Integration Ideas

Diversifying your dog’s diet with flaxseed can be quite simple. One way is to blend ground flaxseed directly into their regular meals.

For easier integration, you can mix a spoonful of ground flaxseed into plain yogurt (always ensure it’s plain, unflavored, and xylitol-free) and add it to your dog's meal. Not only will your dog get the potential benefits of flaxseed, but they'll also get a hit of probiotics from the yogurt.

However, the EASIEST way to add the perfect amount of flaxseed into your dog's diet is with Nature's Blend.

Integration Ideas:

  • Mix ground flaxseed into your dog’s meals.
  • Stir it into yogurt or a pumpkin puree for a tasty mix-in.
  • Opt for dog foods like Nature’s Blend that already include flaxseed in the formulation.

Determining the Right Amount for Your Dog

How Much Flaxseed is Too Much?

As with many foods, overindulgence in flaxseed can have the reverse effect and lead to health issues for your dog – such as an upset stomach or diarrhea. To help prevent this, it's important to adhere to the recommended portions, which vary based on your canine's size.

Guidelines generally suggest starting your dog with a 1/8 teaspoon for a small dog, and up to 1 1/2 teaspoons for a medium or large dog. These amounts should serve as a starting point, but always ask your vet what they’d advise for your particular pooch.12

Can Too Much Flaxseed Give My Dog Diarrhea?

Yes, when too much is consumed, flaxseed can cause diarrhea due to its high fiber content. Remember, every dog responds differently, so monitoring your furry friend closely is essential when adding flaxseed to their diet.

Quick Tips:

  • Begin with a small portion, like 1/8 teaspoon for small dogs.
  • Keep an eye on your dog's stool consistency.
  • Consult a veterinarian for more specific guidelines, or if any digestive issues arise.

Is Flaxseed Safe for All Dogs?

Generally, flaxseed is safe for most dogs when given in the correct amount. However, dogs with specific health conditions or on certain medications should avoid flaxseed due to potential interactions. Additionally, some dogs may exhibit an allergic reaction to flaxseed, though this is rare.

Before you add flaxseed to your dog's diet, have a conversation with your veterinarian to confirm it's suitable for your pet.

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Easy Flaxseed Nutrition: Dr. Marty Nature's Blend

When it comes to integrating flaxseed into your dog's diet conveniently and effectively, Dr. Marty Nature's Blend Essential Wellness is a standout. Developed by renowned veterinarian Dr. Martin Goldstein, this premium freeze-dried raw dog food includes flaxseed as a key ingredient, helping to ensure that your dog gets their omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants without the hassle of preparing separate supplements.

Five Potential Benefits:

  • No need to measure out flaxseed separately.
  • Confidence that the portion size is correct.
  • A holistic approach to canine nutrition.
  • Helps boost overall vitality and wellness.
  • Tasty raw meat flavor in a freeze-dried form.

Dr. Marty Nature's Blend Essential Wellness is an excellent choice for pet parents seeking an all-in-one, high-quality diet that includes the potential benefits of flaxseed to help support their dog’s vitality and long-term health.

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